Monday, February 11, 2013

My dear road

Alhamdulilah :-)
I can barely still smile
through a very short journey

Arrive safely
to the door
hoping it will be opened when knocked

It still close
and close
and close tightly

I think the end is end
but end is also a start
a very start

It is hard
I know it is it

But it is for me
not for the others
I will walk in

Walk with pride and high
on a very red yellow carpet
to reach the stage

Until then
the stage is far
but I barely see it

It is near
at last

I can breath the air
to inhale
the only oxygen I have

To Allah
His my Teacher
My Friend
My Beloved One
No others 

till then I smile because of Allah
I cry because of Allah
All is blessings from Him
to the very poor slave
Syukur Lillah
the endless road...