Friday, January 11, 2013


History of Palestine
falastine , Palaistaine in greek , Palestina in hebrew
is only a geographic name in this world
Sacred holy land of many religion in many time
Islam , Christian , Jews

Bounded by lines and walls
tear apart by many hands 
knife , bullets and souls
spill of blood 
every seconds

Is Palestina is a place for murderer?
the elder?

Palestine Never be a history of any religion nor people
the fire spirit of righteous 
will continue to lit
even a dot
it will continue to burn
in spite nor oil to be present

continue to burn
and burn
and burn
till the last blood
till the last air grasped 
Allah always with the right
Not the Left
So soon

We will pray in our Aqsa
to celebrate our victory
that we waited
and wait for centuries
always Green